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Earn the Youth Fitness Credential That Will Empower You to Change Kids' Lives.

Discover how to create fun and effective youth physical activity programs that build lifelong athletic skills!

Become affiliated with a global leader in youth fitness and earn Continuing Education Credits from major fitness organizations!

"How SPIDERfit Kids engage and lay out easy-to-use physical literacy tactics in a language every coach can understand is one of the best methods I've seen in the last decade." 

- Chris Snyder, Director of Coaching Education, United States Olympic Committee

Become a SPIDERfit Certified Youth Fitness and Physical Literacy Specialist- Now Online! 

"This is the most comprehensive, thorough, and useful course I have ever taken on youth physical development and fitness program design. It’s a perfect blend of theory and practical application so youth fitness professionals can feel confident in creating programs that help kids both develop and enjoy movement skills."

-Lorenzo Perry, Owner/Founder of GameDay Fitnes, Pawtucket, RI

Take this virtual opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to work with schools, community programs, and children of the parents you already train!

  • Design unique fitness and physical literacy programs specifically for young kids' short attention spans. (No more "herding cats"!) 
  • Utilize brain-based exercises to improve learning and behavior at home and in the classroom. (Improve test scores!)
  • Inspire previously inactive children to get EXCITED about physical activity with SPIDERfit Kids' revolutionary Powerful Play® program model. (Help the kids who need it most!)
  • Access and implement 100's of Spiderfit Kids' Powerful Play® activities, games, and program templates for grade school children. (Make creating programs fast and easy!) 
  • Reverse the damage of inactivity and early sports specialization. (Inspire kids to be active and athletic for life!) 
  • Create new career opportunities and get more kids into your programs with a proven marketing system. (Just follow the simple template!)

All through an easy-to-use, SELF PACED, online format!

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Who is the Virtual Certified Youth Physical Literacy Specialist Credential For?

  • Personal trainers who wish to grow their own fitness and physical literacy programs and expand opportunities to consult with schools, teams, and other youth organizations. 
  • Group exercise instructors wanting to bring youth fitness and physical literacy classes to thier facility.
  • Community youth program leaders needing education and a proven program template for their staff.
  • Fitness studio owners looking to increase community outreach and monthly revenues offering programs for the children of their current and future clients.
  • Coaches and fitness professionals who have seen the damage of early sport specialization and seek a developmentally based, long term approach to helping kids become athletic and active for life.
  • Grade school faculty needing daily strategies for in-class movement breaks and physical activity.

"Regardless of the sport you coach, SPIDERfit Kids breaks down how to teach basic movement for all levels of kids while making training fun.  I definitely recommend becoming a Youth Physical Literacy Specialist with SPIDERfit Kids! "

-Catherine Conaghty, Owner- Slide Squad Lacrosse, Adelaide, South Australia

Become Internationally Recognized as a Youth Physical Literacy Expert So You Can Inspire Kids of All Fitness Levels to Become Active and Athletic!

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The pandemic of 2020 has put many kids back on the couch. Youth inactivity is at an all-time high. Never before have kids, organizations, and entire families needed more help to inspire kids to become active.

This online training is an immersive, self-paced multi-media opportunity to discover the theory and practical application behind a youth fitness and physical literacy framework that has already impacted thousands of children around the world.

Take this opportunity to expand your education, grow your career opportunities, and help kids become active and healthy! On your own schedule!

Earn CEC's from ACE (1.0), NASM (1.6) and more!

"The Online Youth Physical Literacy Specialist course has exceeded my expectations! It’s packed with easy-to-apply theory and practical concepts that not only provide a great program framework, they get you excited about working with kids."

-Kelly Favret, Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

The Powerful Play® program framework is used by US National Teams as part of their Long-Term Athletic Development Model!

"The knowledge I gained through the Youth Physical Literacy Specialist Training will have a huge impact on US Speedskating’s Long Term Athletic Development Model."

 -Chris Needham, Director of High Performance, US Speedskating

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Become more confident helping kids 5-11 years old enjoy the process of learning how to become active and athletic for life. Become a Certified Youth Physical Literacy Specialist with SPIDERfit Kids!

Praise for the Certified Youth Physical Literacy Specialist Certification from Fitness Industry Leaders

"I’ve had the privilege of witnessing how Brett has been able to inspire so many kids to love exercise. I’m excited he’s now sharing his methods with other professionals! If you want to learn how to make a serious impact on a child’s life, take any opportunity you can to learn from Brett and SPIDERfit Kids."

-Todd Durkin MA, CSCS Owner, Fitness Quest 10 Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour

"Working and consulting with young athletes and organizations around the world through the IYCA, I've witnessed how overspecialization in certain sports and a lack of active play at a young age have had a negative impact on overall athleticism. It's like we have to teach our youngest athletes how to play again! SPIDERfit Kids' Youth Physical Literacy Specialist certification helps coaches and other youth fitness professionals overcome these unfortunate trends with a program framework that makes it fun and easy to engage, inspire, and develop the youngest of athletes.  

If you work with young children and want to help them start to build a foundation to be active and athletic for life, I highly recommend the SPIDERfit Kids' YPLS certification!" 

-Jim Kielbaso CSCS President, International Youth Conditioning Association