60 Ready-to-go circuits to get kids fit with the POWER OF PLAY!

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60 unique, illustrated, ready-to-use youth warm up and activity circuits so you can...  

  • Effortlessly implement fitness programs that kids love, with no equipment needed!
  • Engage kids' imaginations to get them excited to exercise!
  • Develop lifelong movement skills with play-based activities that can be done anywhere!

*Used by national youth sports organizations as part of their youth athlete development program!

Hey there! 

It's Brett Klika, Co-founder of SPIDERfit Kids!

With a combined 30 years of experience inspiring children to lifelong fitness, we founded SPIDERfit Kids to give fitness mentors just like you the information, activities, and confidence you need to impact the health of the kids in your community. 

If you're like us, you remember a time when "play" didn't involve a smart phone, tablet, or gaming console.

When kids spent their free time using their imaginations during hours of active play, they developed crucial physical, social, and even cognitive skills. 

But somehow, our kids have lost their way with active play!

According to recent data, only 20% of our kids get enough physical activity on a daily basis to keep them healthy for a lifetime.

Today we want to invite you to help kids engage their senses with creative exercise activities and circuits that are easy to implement and fun to do.

Together, we're going to.... teach kids how to play again!

Now, by moving away from the more mainstream, regimented approach to youth physical activity, you can create movement adventures that make exercise seem like a real-life video game!  

Here's how!

After years of working with all fitness levels of kids, we discovered that by giving them just enough guidance and letting their imaginations do the rest, we could get even previously inactive kids excited about exercise. 

Not only that, but when kids had more freedom to explore movement, they developed skills much quicker and had a great time doing it!

This approach was so effective and fun for kids, we developed an easy-to-follow program framework for fitness mentors around the world that combines childhood development research with active, imaginative, play-based exercise circuits and activities.

Play-Based "Exercise Adventures" Made Easy!

It's amazing how quickly kids learn when we let them! 

Try the following ideas to create a fun and effective exercise circuit that engages the imagination while developing lifelong fitness skills:

Guided Discovery: The Movement Variables

  • We start with a familiar, simple, exercise activity or movement like a jumping jack, or a march
  • Add 1 or more challenges for effort, space covered, or relationships with objects or people.
  • Watch kids learn all the ways, speeds, shapes, and directions their bodies can move!

Creative Discovery: The Movement Sentences 

  • We start with 1 or more direct action word, like "spin" or "jump," or even a made-up word.
  • Have the kids move in any way they feel is appropriate to demonstrate that word.
  • Start putting words together and instruct the kids to "link" the resulting movements into "sentences."
  • Add punctuation, emojis, and anything else you can think of to make their brains talk to their bodies!

"SPIDERfit Kids gives coaches the tools needed to appeal to the imaginations of children."

-Shane Fitzgibbon

Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor & Youth Fitness Coach

Galway, Ireland

Today we want to give you this framework and much more with SPIDERfit Kids'...

60 Ways to Play

In 60 Ways to Play, you’ll have immediate access to 60 different, done-for-you warm-ups and movement circuits ideal for elementary school age children. Just follow along with the illustrated program and watch kids learn to play again!  

It's that simple.

Check it out!

Each 5 minute circuit is ideal for...

  • Youth fitness warm-ups
  • Classroom movement breaks
  • At home fitness fun with the family 
  • A complete workout and/or exercise program when circuits are combined
  • Self-directed "free time" play option for kids

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  • An illustrated digital guide with 60 follow-along exercise programs to make program design fast and easy
  • Daily at-home individual and family challenges to engage the family and extend your positive impact on a youngster's health
  • Downloadable cheat sheets to design your own fun, creative, and effective circuits
  • Video assistance to make sure you have the guidance you need to start inspiring kids right away


Four weeks of exercise programming utilizing the circuits from 60 Ways to Play as well as other video-assisted activities from SPIDERfit Kids' Powerful Play course. It's done for you! Just have fun inspiring kids to have a lifetime of health and wellness.

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"I'm teaching K-5 PE for the first time! Every day, I'm using what I'm gleaning from the SPIDERfit Kids training. The warm-up circuits were terrific at every grade level...and super simple to implement! The activities from both the Powerful Play course and 60 Ways to Play give me an endless toolbox of creative, fun, and effective ways to get kids moving! The kids’ favorite so far is the helicopter & airplane activity, complete with a “repair shop” if you were “damaged” by another aircraft!

If you work with kids, you need 60 Ways to Play!"

-Laurie Ethridge, PE Teacher

Wasilla Alaska

Whether you’re a fitness professional, classroom teacher, coach, or parent who wants to get kids off the couch and playing again, 60 Ways to Play is the way to infuse fun and imagination back into exercise! 

Click below to unleash the power of play to inspire the kids of today to become the happy, healthy, active adults of tomorrow! 

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*60 Ways to Play is a digital product immediately downloaded to your inbox!

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